Benchmark: vlibTemplate, TBS, Smarty, ETS, patTemplate

© 2001-2006 pukomuko and Claus van Beek
Introduction Benchmarks

introduction (by pukomuko)

after reading extreme programming methodology overview, i started to employ one good rule: don't optimize if you cannot measure it. so before doing new version of phemplate i constructed a benchmark framework using slightly altered version of PEAR::Benchmark module. primary goal was to test new version against the old one for performance changes, but i got intrested what is the performance of other most popular template classes.

i have found only two benchmarks of template engines: Nikolajus Krauklis has done one and creators of Smarty tried to measure performance of their class. both benchmarks don't satisfy me. i don't say my benchmark is the best available but i think the more benchmarks are available the better view of situation we can get :]

i'm also interested if anyone has enough will to create real life complex example, not only to see how fast are these engines working, but also how convienent it is to code complex logic.


It takes almost a minute for benchmarks to run so be patient. You may refresh them a few times to "catch" the results.

Benchmark #1 'variable replacement' - shows the performance of template engine in the main task: substitution of variables.

Benchmark #2 'loop support' - how fast the template engines are working with loops.