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5.3. <TMPL_INCLUDE NAME/FILE='filename.html'>

This tag includes a template directly into the current template at the point where the tag is found. The included template contents are used exactly as if its contents were physically included in the master template.
(it acts more as a php-style require than an include)

The file specified can be a full path - beginning with a '/'. If it isn't a full path, the path to the enclosing file is tried first. After that each of the 'additional' paths set in OPTIONS are tried. After that the OPTION 'TEMPLATE_DIR' is tried next, if it exists. Next, the relative path from the php script is consulted. As a final attempt, vlibTemplate tries from the directory where vlibTemplate is installed.

As a protection against infinitly recursive includes, an arbitary limit of 10 levels deep is imposed. You can alter this limit with the "MAX_INCLUDES" OPTION. See the entry for this option below for more details.